More productive, profitable and healthier herd.

We understand one farm’s needs and goals can be different to another’s. At Heartland Feeds we create custom feeds and minerals to meet your farm’s specific nutritional needs and systems.

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Each farm has a story.

We want to know yours.

Whether you’re a Dairy, Beef, Sheep/Lamb or Deer farmer, we want to know your goals and work with you to achieve them.

We provide the full comprehensive range of nutritional feeds and minerals for your young stock through to adult cows from your standard commodity feeds through to scientifically developed nutritional supplements for your farm.

We work with individual farmers through to corporate owned entities and selected vet practices nation wide.

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Your farm deserves a unique approach.

Personalised Solutions

First of all, we listen to your goals and business objectives. We evaluate your needs, operations and provide personalised products to match your goals and help.

Profitable Solutions

We understand you are a business and the importance of providing solutions that assist with production and animal health with your business objectives.

Tailor Made Products

After listening to your goals and objectives alongside your business needs, we create and supply products to tackle your specific needs for a more productive, profitable and healthier herd.

We provide the full range of commodities and customised blends and minerals to suit your farm needs.

Get your calves off to a healthy start with our high quality calf replacer, calf starter and pellets in 16% and 20% protein levels.

We provide essential products for your deer to help with venison production and velvet growth.

We can also arrange products for other live stock such as Sheep, Goats and Horses.

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“What do you have to lose?

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